I am Senior Researcher in the Social Mind Center, as part of the department of Cognitive Science at Central European University, Budapest. I research how evolution, mind, and culture link together. I am affiliated with the International Cognition & Culture Institute, where many excellent minds blog and comment on the latest research on cognition & culture.

My first book, Speaking Our Minds, was published in 2014.

Previously, I did my undergraduate education in Maths, at the University of Sussex; my postgraduate education in Linguistics, at the University of Edinburgh; and from 2012-2017 I worked in Anthropology at Durham University. I have been awarded several awards for my research, including the Outstanding Doctoral Research prize from the British Psychological Society, and the New Investigator Award from the European Human Behaviour & Evolution Association.

In my spare time I dance the lindy hop. Avidly.

My email is scott-phillipst at ceu dot edu, and I am on twitter, @tscottphillips.

Me, nowI stand with CEU