I am a research fellow in the Anthropology department at Durham University, funded by an Addison Wheeler Fellowship, and an ESRC Future Research Leaders grant. From autumn 2004 until spring 2012 I was based at the University of Edinburgh, where I completed my MSc (2005), PhD (2009), and two postdoctoral fellowships.

Most of my research to date has been focused on the origins, cognition, and evolution of human communication and language. More broadly, I study evolutionary and cognitive approaches to the human mind and human culture. Prospective students, please do get in touch.

You can find pdf files of my published papers on the publications page. There is a separate page for my book, Speaking Our Minds.

In 2011 I received the New Investigator Award from the European Human Behaviour and Evolution Association’s New Investigator Award, in 2010 the British Psychological Society’s prize for Outstanding Doctoral Research, and in 2008 the Hurford Prize at Evolang, the biennial international conference on the evolution of language.

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