I am a research fellow in the Anthropology department at Durham University, funded by an Addison Wheeler Fellowship, and an ESRC Future Research Leaders grant. From autumn 2004 until spring 2012 I was based at the University of Edinburgh, where I completed an MSc, PhD, and two postdoctoral fellowships.

Most of my research to date has been focused on the origins, cognition, and evolution of human communication and language. More broadly, I study evolutionary and cognitive approaches to the human mind and human culture. I am keen to take on PhD. students in these areas, and I have a number of suitable projects. Prospective students, please do get in touch.

You can find pdf files of my published papers on the publications page. I have recently finished writing my first book; it will be published in late 2014.

In 2010 I received the British Psychological Society’s award for Outstanding Doctoral Research, and in 2011 the European Human Behaviour and Evolution Association’s New Investigator Award.